songwriter Showcase, Crowdfund, and Contest

Likes don’t keep the lights on. We showcase talent to new audiences and give fans an easy way to crowdfund in our weekly industry competition.

Rise To The Top


Introduce yourself to new audiences, and give existing followers fun and exciting updates on your progress in friendly competition with other songwriters. Show what you’ve got to industry judges. Be featured in Global Rising Song’s editorial and social media, and more.

Keep Talent Going


Likes are cheap, and don’t keep songwriters’ lights on. One vote is $1 towards sustaining songwriters who have earned it.


songwriters walk away with the majority of income from votes based on simple brackets. Votes 26-499 are split 50/50. Votes 500-999 are split 60/40 with 60% going to the contestant. Any votes over 1000 are split 75/25% with 75% going to the contestant. For example: John got 1500 votes. He gets $237 for votes 26- 499 (50/50), $300 for votes 500-999 (60/40) and $375 for his votes that were over 1000 (75/25). You results may vary, depending on how many votes over 1000 you receive!

Our share pays talent behind the scenes, and covers the cash prizes. Fans can also tip songwriters via Venmo and they receive 100%!


It’s simple. songwriters apply to the next round, a few are chosen, the fans vote, and two winners are selected… Profit!

  • 1
    Applications Open

    songwriters apply to participate in a round by submitting a song. A limited selection of submission are accepted and move on to the round.

  • 2
    Round Begins

    Our participants are selected and begin sharing the good news and entry to their network. Hot tip: those who are not afraid to engage their fans often come out on top.

  • 3
    Fans Vote

    Fans vote for their favorite songwriter, and help to spread the message. It feels good to support talent, and participate in a win! Keep your fans up to date on how the round is progressing.

  • 4
    Winners Announced

    Rounds have two winners. The Fan Favorite based off most votes, and the Judges’ Pick selected by our panel of industry judges. It’s not a popularity contest, it’s all about the song.

Big Prizes

Everyone who participates and receives votes walks away with cash in hand, but we’ve ensured that our Super Round winners win super big.

At each preliminary round, we’ll award $100 cash to our Fan Favorite and our Judges’ pick!
Cheap Song Demos will award 1 song demo to our Super Round Winner!
Nashville Song Pitcher will award song pitching service to our Super Round Winner.
Cedarsong Retreats will award a 50% off rate to their next retreat to our Super Round Winner.
Muscle Shoals Songwriter Festival will provide stage time to our 4 finalists and a featured slot to our Super Round Winner.
Nashville Underground Management will provide a complimentary consult to our 4 finalists.
Discover Sooner will provide a complimentary 2 month membership to each of our weekly prelim round winners, and a 6 month membership to our Super Round Winner.
G7th Capos will award 1 ART Performance Capo to our Super Round Winner.

Common Questions

Our format is a little different than anything else you’ve seen. It’s only natural to have a few questions.

“Wait, it’s a dollar to vote?”
Yes! Its a crowdfund, like Kickstarter or Patreon, but as a contest to generate excitement and share audiences between contestants.
“Who receives the money?”
The contestants! It begins at 50%, but at 1000 votes you take home 75%. We have no investors and no ads, and our share helps the talent behind the scenes and cash prizes.
“Sounds like a popularity contest.”
You have to make it exciting somehow! In reality, everyone wins. You get in-front of industry judges, introduced to new audiences, and walk away with funding to achieve your goals.


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